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Light Space Designs (LSD) is a firm specializing in the illumination industry and smart-energy market. LSD focuses on designing lighting for clients to meet their specific needs; using lighting that provides the greatest benefit for the lowest cost.

LSDs unique design strategy provides previously unavailable options to our clientele.

LSD thinks outside the socket!

By incorporating alternative light sources and light transmission (tubing, optics, fiber) into our designs we transcend the traditional chain of:

and are free to arranging the design components in there optimal positions, thereby enhancing flexibility, lowering costs (component, design, manufacture, and maintenance), removing hazards, and reducing inefficiencies.

For example, one of our leading products allows for safe marine and recreational water safety lighting by remote light-tubing distribution. How this works: an electrical light source is connected to fiber optic tubing system which emits the lighting into areas where water and lighting have contact, but because the lighting is tubed from fiber optics sources, there is a safety zone created that disallows creates electrical contact with water.

Our primary target customers are interior designers, architects, engineers, for the home, industrial, marine and the outdoor markets.

LSD designs, prototypes, and tests smart illumination systems and products. The vision includes the use of American materials and when possible local American manufacturing.

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